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The Power of Music and Voice

lynne nash

Hello and welcome to the Power of Music and Voice podcast series. A new Season is on it's way so please, be patient. Lots more great interviews with very inspirational people to come your way. In this podcast, I talk to many industry professionals and non professionals on the power of music and voice for good Mental health and general wellbeing about what it means to them and how it’s used. My passion is to raise the awareness of their power. With voice it could be hypnotherapy, therapy, just talking about issues, singing or using your voice to be heard with issues you may be passionate about. With music, writing songs, performing, giving music therapy is another very effective way to help. They can both bring harmony, joy, peace and so much more to our lives and to the lives of others when their power is embraced. Join me on this wonderful journey through music and voice. If you want to keep up to date will all future episodes and other news please subscribe to my monthly newsletter via You can also find me on twitter: @lynnenashmusic and on facebook: and Instagram @lynnenashmusicandvoice I hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by :)